• Cactus


      Bio-based fabric

      A highly sustainable, plant-based artificial leather made from cactus, known for its soft touch, superior performance and compliance with the most stringent quality and environmental standards, is not only breathable and supple, it is also organic.

  • Cork wood

      Cork wood

      Bio-based fabric

      Cork is a completely natural and easily recyclable product. Its characteristics of being naturally waterproof, highly durable, lightweight and easy to maintain make it an even better choice for bags and fashion accessories.

  • Apple Leather

      Apple Leather

      Bio-based fabric

      Apple Leather consists of an apple waste mixture, a coated finish, and a textile backing. Apple leather is a 100% cruelty-free, low environmental impact recyclable material compared to traditional leather.

  • Mycelium


      Bio-based fabric

      Mycelium is a bio-based raw material with a honeycomb structure that provides leather-like strength and durability. This material can also be dyed and imprinted without any substrate or support material.

  • Mango leather

      Mango leather

      Bio-based fabric

      Leather made from discarded mangoes is soft and resilient. In today's world of increasing resource scarcity, the combination of fruit and leather can radically change a world polluted by animal leather.

  • Pineapple leaves

      Pineapple leaves

      Bio-based fabric

      This fabric is made from fibers extracted from pineapple leaves. It is colored using pigments certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and coated to add durability, strength, water repellency and, if desired, a metallic sheen.

  • Recycled nylon

      Recycled nylon


      Recycled nylon is made of fishing nets, rags and industrial plastics as raw materials, which can be recycled and reused, and has good tear resistance and weatherproof properties.

  • Recycled Leather

      Recycled Leather


      Recycled leather is made by the recycle of leather waste and scraps on the edges during the leather production. It is with moisture absorption, air permeability. If with good workmanship, it also has the same softness, elasticity, light texture, extreme high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance.

  • Linen



      Under the environment-friendly and environment-friendly fabric concept, the increasingly popular environment-friendly fabric. Linen without dyeing or using environmental friendly dyes is widely used in the design of luggage.

  • Genuine Leather

      Genuine Leather


      "Genuine leather" has good air permeability and flexibility, the surface texture is natural, smooth and delicate. The exquisite leather bag catering to the market reflects the pursuit of quality life

  • Polyester Fiber

      Polyester Fiber


      Polyester fabric has strong wrinkle resistance and shape retention, which is suitable for making all kinds of bags, tents and other outdoor products.

  • Denim



      Denim: is a symbol of freedom, comfortable and practical, with cool feeling, leisure and comfortable. Jeans and fur, jeans and color leather, jeans and metal buttons, whatever group could create a good effect.

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